Summed up is the one stop place where everyone will find some joy. Our goals are to make people's daily lives easier and to bring some cheer with simple and fun products that can make anyone happy.
Each and every single day we will find new products which will bring happiness within a single click!


All SEVVS employees share the same core values and qualities. Our company culture includes a commitment to our mission statement, respecting our core values, freedom to promote creative thinking and joy demonstrates our prospects in the company. 

Core values

Convenience -
Our approach is to facilitate the daily life of people with fun and surprising products.
Playful -
Life is fun and we try to follow this rule and integrate it into every business process.

Convenience in everyday life by offering simple products that can be of great value.

Young and old can experience the convenience of SEVVS products.

Simple, uncomplicated products that are a must for every household.

Competitive prices, through smart price agreements with reliable suppliers.

Free shipping on all products!

Reliable in everything we do.

Fun and playful. Because this life is and adventure!

Always aware of new product trends.

A returning customer is more important than a new one.